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 Live Bidding is Available on the InternetAuction

Please go to to register and bid online. Scroll to Nevada Livestock Marketing to bid online. You may also bid by phone at 866-486-0141, or bid at the auction site.

Purchase hay by video slides. All hay will be lab tested at the same lab for consistency. HDVA (High Desert Video Auctions) test will be used as the primary guide; the sellers test may be used as a supplement guide only. When taking bale samples, we go to great lengths to make sure the test is a well rounded, fair, and a good average of the entire stack of hay. These tests are to be used as a guide only. HDVA will use its best judgment and will not be liable for tests.

Dairy, feeder and horse hay will be offered. Purchase hay located at growers farm. Hay can be previewed on location before each sale.


Advantages of using High Desert Video

  • With a large supply of hay available throughout Nevada, Idaho and Oregon you can buy your hay each month as needed. This will help save money and avoid market fluctuations.
  • You can buy your hay on a competitive and collective market. Thus saving you the time of locating hay and eliminating the need for hay brokers and their mark up prices.
  • Trucks are available at competitive rates to deliver your hay.
  • The highest bidder has the option of taking one load or multiple loads, creating an even playing field for both the small and large volume buyers.

Additional Information

  • Hay will be sold by the ton in truck load lots.
  • Minimum of $20 per ton down on day of sale. i.e. 120 ton @ $20 ton = $2,400
  • Buyer has 30 days to pick up hay.*
  • Buyer has 4 days to pay for hay from date invoiced by High Desert Video Auction. Money may be sent by overnight mail, priority mail, Fed Ex, money transfer or money wire.
  • Hay will be loaded on Buyers truck at expense of Seller.
  • Hay will be unloaded off of buyers' truck at the expense of the buyer. (Not HDVA or truckers expense)
  • Hay will be weighed at nearest certified scale at expense of Seller.
  • We also will have hay available by private treaty.

*Loss of down payment is possible if hay is not picked up within 30 days of sale unless arrangements have been made with seller through HDVA. Final payment is expected at the time of invoice by money wire or overnight mail.


Watch the live auction at your office and bid online or by phone at 866-486-0141 with no additional cost to you.

For more information please contact:

Jack Payne 775-225-8889


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High Desert Video Auction in conjunction with Nevada Livestock Marketing call sell your hay off the farm with our live auction services.

Buyers may bid by phone at 866-486-0141, internet or at our auction site located at Nevada Livestock Marketing, 1025 Allen Road, Fallon, Nevada.


Hay can be expected to be shipped within 30 days of sale.

  • Half of buyers' deposit of $20 per ton will be paid to grower if hay is not shipped within reasonable allowance of the 30 day period.
  • Seller is assured a quick payment with scale ticket from nearest certified truck scale.

HDVA (High Desert Video Auction) is excited to offer this new way of marketing your hay. We will not be charging any 'No Sale fees' on hay that does not meet expectations of seller.

Price discovery will be made easier than ever with no risk to the grower. HDVA guarantees payment to seller with credit approval requirements from all first-time buyers.

For more information or to consign hay, please contact:

Jack Payne 775-225-8889




To consign hay or for more information please contact:

Jack Payne 775-225-8889



To consign hay or for more information please contact:

Jack Payne 775-225-8889





To consign hay or for more information please contact:

Jack Payne 775-225-8889














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